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  • Westend T W1000 Glasses- Gold

    Westend T W1000 Prescription Eyeglasses

    When your fashion flows freely with your unfettered spirit, only the most creative eyewear can keep up with your wardrobe. The Westend T W1000 is ready to open the floodgates of flair with its elegant double-frame highlights. Unique Geometric shape

  • Westend T W1005 Glasses- Pink

    Westend T W1005 Prescription Eyeglasses

    Add a chic pop of color to your daily looks with these Westend T W1005 women’s frames. Features a unique geometric cat eye shape with a fabulous contrast of slim metal frames. Unique, geometric shape is perfectly versatile Versatile and flattering Available in multiple shades with a two-toned finish

  • Westend T W1006 Glasses

    Westend T W1006 Prescription Eyeglasses

    Make a bold style statement with these fearless Westend T W1006 womens glasses. The unique hexagonal frames gracefully suit most face shapes. With a sleek translucent finish that looks great with your everyday look. Frames are durable and modern Hexagonal shape is bold and stylish

  • Westend T W1007 Glasses

    Westend T W1007 Prescription Eyeglasses

    Bold and stylish, accent your favorite looks with these eye-catching Westend T W1007 womens frames. Made with a thick frame and tortoise pattern, they are sure to turn heads your way. Bold, mixed material frames Stunning color schemes Available in two gorgeous shades

  • Westend T W1008 Glasses

    Westend T W1008 Prescription Eyeglasses

    These Westend T W1008 women’s frames are bold and elegant. Designed in a unique cat-eye shape, voluptuous build, and striking shade, the thickness of these frames makes them a match for most face shapes. Available in two beautiful finishes. Thick frames are lightweight and durable Geometric, cat-eye shape suits most faces Feminine and trendy

  • Westend T W1009 Glasses- Clear

    Westend T W1009 Prescription Eyeglasses

    Add a cheerful touch to your daily looks with these Westend T W1009 women’s glasses. Made in a slender build with thick frames and glitter details at the temples, they gracefully suit any face shape. Frames are durable and modern Square shape is casual and versatile Available in two gorgeous shades

  • Westend T W1010 Glasses

    Westend T W1010 Prescription Eyeglasses

    Full of style and personality, the Westend T W1010 women’s frames are as stylish as you are. Designed with full metal frames that provide excellent comfort and durability while maintaining a fashionable look that fits your style. Slender, metal frames are lightweight and feminine Sultry semi cat-eye shape suits most faces Durable and sturdy

  • Westend T W1011 Glasses

    Westend T W1011 Prescription Eyeglasses

    Accent your everyday looks with these eye-catching Westend T W1011 womens frames. Designed in a cat-eye shape and an on-trend finish. Slender, mixed material frames Available in two color schemes Ultra-feminine cat-eye shape